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Q.  What is the difference between square footage and cubic feet?
A.  Square footage is width times the length. Cubic feet are the width times the length times the height. When you get dimensions you should be told all of the measurements which include the height. When you stack boxes and put furniture on end, like a sofa, the height is important. At Thriftee Mini Storage, we have storage units ranging from 2’, 4’, 6’, 8’, and 10 feet in height.
When calling Thriftee Mini Storage, there is no need to measure your items before hand in order to determine what size storage you need. All you have to do is answer a short-list of questions and we’ll put you in the right size with no hassle.
Q. When I am given measurements of a space, how will I know which one is the height?
A. It is always given in this order; width, length and height, with the final number always being the height. For example a 6x8x10 means six feet wide, eight feet long and ten feet in height.

Q. Can I store anything I would like in my storage unit?
A. Almost, but not anything. When I tell you what is excluded it should make sense. No food unless it is in sealed tins and/or sealed glass jars. No live plants or pets are allowed. Believe it or not, I have people try to store birds and fish in an aquarium. You also don’t want to store anything of a flammable nature, ie. Gasoline, paint thinner, motorcycles unless the gas has been drained and the same with lawn mowers.

Q. What is the best way to store in a self-storage unit?
A. What you’re doing is putting your storage in a smaller unit than the room it came out of and making it fit. Since most people over-estimate the amount of space they actually need, it is best to use the following as a guideline. A long piece of furniture, such as sofa, dresser, etc. should ideally stand on end so you utilize the height more than the ground floor.
We don’t just rent you the space and walk-away. At Thriftee Mini Storage, we will always show you the best way to put your furniture in your space. We will make certain that you are storing your items in the correct size unit without breaking or scratching anything. We sell an array of boxes, since boxes are easier to stack than garbage bags you will actually save money month after month if you store in boxes.
Another important tip; be sure to mark you boxes so you don’t have to physically open it to see what’s inside. In addition, put the items that you want to get to in last so it’s closest to the door. This way you don’t have to empty out your space in order to get to something. That is why you should put your furniture in first and then your boxes, putting the heavier ones on the bottom and stacking three to four boxes high, but not over eight feet.
If you need a hand to lift an item from your truck and/or to store an item in your space, we are always there to help…at no charge.
Q. How do I store kitchen appliances?
A. Make certain the oven in your stove is empty. Believe it or not we’ve found meals, cooked days before, still in the oven. Also, when it comes to storing a fridge, even a frost-free one, unplug it a couple of days before you store it, open the door, and let it dry out. You can help it by wiping it down until there is no more condensation.

Q. Do I have to sign a long term lease?
A. No, all rental agreements are month-to-month. You’re never obligated over one month at a time.

Q. Do I have to give notice when I want to move out?
A. No, as long as you are paid up in the month you want to move out. At Thriftee Mini Storage, it has been our experience that when it comes to moving and storage, a last minute change of plans is common. To make it easier for the customer, you can move out on a moments notice without any move-out penalty.

Q. Do you require for me to buy insurance?
A. No we don’t. However, bear in mind we do not inventory what you store so we do not carry insurance on your stored property. However, we do offer low cost insurance. It is always available through us.

Q. Do you have Climate Controlled storage?
A. No, but you really don’t need it in Southern California. Humidity is what you want to avoid with stored property and we don’t have any in Los Angeles, as they have in the South and East coast. However, our storage units are always naturally cooled via high curved ceilings and thick concrete walls it keeps the storage area a constant cool temperature regardless of the outside weather. In other words, we’ve gone green, naturally. Come and see for yourself.

Q. Can I access my storage after-hours?
A. We have found that the best security is, “When the office is open the storage is open, when the office is closed, the storage is closed.” Secret passwords without someone in charge leaves too much to chance. We even keep the lights out if no one is in the storage area. When a tenant comes in, they sign in at the office and we personally walk them to their space and turn on the lights in their hallway only. We never allow anyone free reign to wander around the storage area. Our tenants appreciate that type of concern.
I hope this has helped you, but I’m sure you have your own questions. All you have to do is call (323-660-4600), or come by (1717 Glendale Blvd.), and we will show you the best, economical, and stress-free move you can ever imagine.
We’ve been doing this in the Echo Park/Silver Lake area for decades, so we’ve picked up practical techniques along the way. We’re opened seven days a week and we’re looking forward to serving you.
We have, and will always be…“YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD CHOICE SINCE 1977.”

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